10 Best Mocktail Recipes

The best mocktail recipes

Without alcohol doesn’t mean without taste. Our 10 best mocktail recipes are all of the fun and none of the hangover.

Virgin Cosmo Recipe

What girl doesn't love a cosmo? We have transformed this icon into a virgin cocktail that is still mighty tasty.
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virgin mint julep recipe

Virgin Mint Julep Recipe

Sip this mocktail when you want to cool off from the summer heat.
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Sex on the Beach Mocktail Recipe

This recipe makes 10 servings and easily scalable making it party worthy.
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American Peach Tea Recipe

In Georgia, peaches are in season from May to August. Georgia Peach Tea is synonymous with the hot summer months and BBQs.
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blueberry lime spritzer

Blueberry Lime Spritzer Mocktail Recipe

Try this mocktail at your next BBQ. Perfect for sipping as the sun goes down.
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Cherry Lime Mocktail Recipe

Cherry Limeade mocktail for Dry January. Garnish with mint and lime wedges. Refreshing!
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raspberry lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade Recipe

Sweet, tart and refreshing.  Nothing says summer like a tall glass of homemade Raspberry Lemonade. 
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Cranberry, Orange Punch Recipe

No alcohol punch that is great for the holidays. Serve in clear glasses so that you can see all of the delicious fruit.
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uk apple cider recipe

American Apple Cider Recipe (Spiced Apple Juice)

It is best to leave the cider overnight on low heat. The pulp from the cider can be used in our baked apple donuts. A wonderful autumnal treat.
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Simple Syrup

Simple sugar syrup has many uses. Use in sweet iced tea, mint juleps, mojitos or iced coffee.
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