avocado toast
Breakfast & Brunch

Avocado Toast & Spicy Eggs

Avocado toast with spicy scrambled eggs is a very Californian breakfast. Perfect for Sunday Brunch. Add ham or bacon if you’re a meat-eater. [READ MORE]

virgin mint julep recipe

Virgin Mint Julep

A mint julep is to the Kentucky Derby what Pimm’s is to Wimbledon. This virgin mint julep that is refreshing and without the alcohol. [READ MORE]

Desserts & Bakery

Blueberry Crisp

By using frozen fruit and store cupboard ingredients, we are able to whip up this Blueberry Crisp in no time. [READ MORE]

best granola recipe
Breakfast & Brunch

Best Granola Recipe

Our best granola recipe. It is like a huge flapjack crumbled up to be granola. No fruit granola – just oats, nuts, spices and sweet stuff. [READ MORE]

nigella coke ham
Main Courses

Cherry Coke Ham

Nigella may have had made the Coke Ham famous but our Cherry Coke Ham with Cuban rice & beans with pineapple salsa is a whole new level. [READ MORE]