5 Easy Bread Recipes

easy bread recipes

5 Easy Bread Recipes for Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown is turning us all into bakers and bread makers. Lockdown bread making can be fun and the results delicious but it doesn’t mean we all have to become sourdough experts. Our lockdown bread recipes are simple, easy and family-friendly.

Pretzel Bread & Sandwich Rolls

Stuff a pretzel sandwich roll with ham & cheese for a lunch box treat! Makes one pretzel loaf and six rolls. It certainly doesn’t last for long around our house.

pretzel bread with salami

Pretzel Bread Recipe

Shape the dough into two balls if you want two loaves. We made one loaf and then cut the second ball to make 6 sandwich rolls.
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New York Style Bagels

Beautiful bagels that are free from preservatives. Brilliant for Sunday Brunch and then Monday’s lunchbox sandwich. Try topping your bagel with our Honey & Walnut Cream Cheese.

American Bagel Recipe, New York Bagel Recipe

Lovely, chewy bagels.  New York City is famous for them and now you can make them at home in the UK with this easy and adaptable recipe. 
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Honey Oat Bread

easy bread recipes

Tip everything into a bowl. Let is sit overnight and then bake fresh the next morning. Beautiful, fresh bread before 0800 AM. We used FWP Matthews Wychwood flour for our loaf but you can switch up the flours in this recipe to what you have to hand or prefer.

honey oat bread

Honey Oat Bread

This overnight bread recipe is simple but you do need to plan ahead.
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BBQ Flatbreads

butternut squash salad

Three ingredients but thousands of uses. Mop up sauces or make wraps or top with a dip of your choice. These BBQ flatbreads will be a steady regular in your meal rotation all summer long.

FWP Matthews Eight Grain Flatbreads

Easy BBQ Flatbreads

As simple as a recipe can be. Scale depending on how many you are feeding.
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Texas Toast

Everything in Texas is just bigger. Bigger trucks, bigger BBQs and bigger toast. Whip up this “English muffin” bread and slice it thick. Then toast or fry with sweet honey butter. YeeHaw!

how to make toast, Texas style

Texas Toast Recipe

The texture of this bread is sort of like a crunchy crumpet. Slice thickly and slather on sweet honey butter.
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