Fresh Tomato Salsa

Just like with guacamole, I do not spice tomato salsa because it is used with dishes that are already spicy. It is best in summer with tomatoes from the garden. [READ MORE]



Spicy food, especially Mexican, needs a cooling element. Guacamole is simple and adaptable based on how ripe your avocados are and what the use is. I like it chunky for chilli and smooth for sandwiches. [READ MORE]

mint yogurt sauce

Mint Yogurt Sauce

Mint Yogurt Sauce pairs with couscous based salads; BBQ veggies, chicken or lamb; or fresh fruit. It is cool, sweet and tangy. Plus, only 10 minutes effort. [READ MORE]

enchilada sauce

Enchilada Sauce

Easy, Homemade Enchilada Sauce. Make ahead, freezes well, healthy, 20 minutes effort, spicy as you like it – what’s not to love about this Enchilada Sauce? [READ MORE]