Vegetarian BBQ

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Vegetarian BBQ Ideas

Looking for vegetarian BBQ ideas? Our vegetarian BBQ UK recipes will please both herbivores and carnivores. Who doesn’t love a bit of sweet and smoke on a warm, sunny day?

Herb couscous and grilled vegetables

Salty, grilled halloumi on herb & lemon couscous with grilled sweet potatoes and asparagus. All topped with a dollop of mint yoghurt sauce. Wowzers! What a way to kick off BBQ season!

BBQ Vegetable Couscous Salad

BBQ Vegetable Couscous Salad is one of my favourite BBQ buffet recipes & pack lunch recipes. It is hearty yet light and lemony. Choose veggies by season.
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Vegetarian BBQ Tacos

The simplest of BBQ food is a veggie taco. Just set out all of the components buffet-style and let everyone make their own.

Whip up a batch of shaata and make ahead black beans. Then top with grilled vegetables – we did red onions, asparagus, aubergine and peppers. Don’t forget the guacamole!

Spicy Black Beans

Make a batch of Spicy Black Beans on Sunday and you have a whole week of quick and easy TexMex dinners. Taquitos, tostadas, tacos, burger and enchiladas.
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Mushroom and Halloumi “Burger”

These mushroom “burgers” and vegetarian and low carb too! The mushrooms make a “bun” and are stuffed with halloumi, grilled red peppers and chimichurri sauce.

mushroom halloumi burger

BBQ Mushroom and Halloumi Burger

A brilliant BBQ option for vegetarians. Sweet, salty, meaty, herby delicious.
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vegetarian bbq - halloumi veggie burger

Smokey, Maple Sweet Potatoes

This is our most requested vegetarian BBQ recipe. It is also the simpliest!

Made in a foil packet, these are maple sweet potatoes smokey and delicious. Just roast them on the top shelf of the BBQ whilst everything else is cooking. Then, unwrap, mash and add a drizzle of maple syrup.

bbq sweet potatoes mashed

Maple Sweet Potatoes

Scale this recipe up or down as required.  If you are serving this as part of a picnic or BBQ buffet, people might eat a bit less.
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A Gallon of Sweet Tea

Cool off from being The Grill Master of your BBQ feast with a big gallon of Sweet Tea.

American Sweet Iced Tea

American Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet Tea is a staple in the American South.  Gallons of it are drunk daily from Kentucky to Texas. Brewed sweet tea is delicious, especially during summer.
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vegetarian bbq - Sweet Iced Tea