Beef Burritos

beef burrito recipe finished

Beef Burrito Recipe

Low & slow cooked beef barbacoa traditionally requires specialist ingredients. Our easy, store cupboard version is super simple, pull-apart tender and is the perfect meat for beef burritos or burrito bowls.

beef barbacoa

Cooking braising steak slow and low with lots of spices makes for tasty meat.  This dish is pretty much hands-off; chuck it all into a pot and let it cook for three or four hours. Cook once and then use this in multiple meals from burritos and salads or enchiladas and nachos.

Mexican Beef Burrito Recipe

We love to serve our beef barbacoa with an array of side dishes to let people build their own beef burritos or burrito bowls.

beef burrito recipe finished

Must haves include:

Guacamole – The beef is spicy so we make our guacamole very mild.

Fresh Tomato Salsa – Remember that tomatoes are really fruit so their natural sweetness complements deep flavoured, smokey beef.

Sour Cream – We stir some Fat Man Chilli Habanero sauce through the sour cream. Warning: Only for those who love the spicy!

Black beans – adding beans not only makes your beef burrito more healthy but it also helps the beef go a long way. We mix equal parts beans and beef barbacoa and we then get lots of leftovers.

Beef Burrito Recipe

This dish is pretty much hands off. Chuck it all into a pot and let it cook for three or four hours.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 4 hrs
Total Time 4 hrs 10 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 4 servings


  • 400 grams beef braising steak, cubed
  • 2 oxo beef stock cube
  • 1/2 tablespoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 red onion finely diced
  • 250 ml water
  • 400 grams black beans canned, drained and rinsed

To Serve

  • 4 flour tortillas store bought is fine
  • Guacamole
  • fresh tomato salsa


  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 30 ml olive oil
  • 1 handful coriander leaves picked
  • 30 ml soy sauce


Marinate the meat

  • Blend coriander, garlic and olive oil with a hand blender until you have a smooth paste. (We make lots of this in batch and add more olive oil to make coriander oil for garnishing soups, etc.)
    beef burrito ingredients
  • In a medium bowl, mix the soy sauce and paste. Add beef and make sure it is completely covered in the marinade.
  • Marinate for minimum of 4 hours, preferably overnight. Stir once or twice.

Slow Cook the Meat

  • Put a large pot on the hob. Drizzle a little olive oil and toss in the red onion. Soften the red onions on medium heat.
  • Transfer the beef and marinade to the pot and put on top of the onions.
  • Add stock cubes, cayenne pepper and water to the pot.
  • Stir to combine.
  • Turn heat up until you bring the meat to a simmer (not a boil).
  • Cover, reduce heat to as low as you can and leave for 3 – 4 hours until tender.
  • Add black beans about 5 minutes before serving so they heat through.


  • Warm the tortillas using the pack instructions.
  • Pile meat, guacamole and salsa.
  • Wrap up like a burrito and enjoy.
    beef burrito wrap
  • You can wrap the burrito in aluminium foil to keep it warm (if eating later).
  • Alternatively, skip the tortilla and pile the meat, guacamole and salsa on fresh lettuce or spinach leaves to serve as a burrito bowl.
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