Ultimate American Burger Recipes

ultimate american burger guide

The ingredients of a hamburger seldom vary. It’s a percentage of fat to lean meat, add salt and prepare and that’s it. It shouldn’t need a recipe.

Anthony Bourdain

Best Hamburger Recipes for the Grill

Our best hamburger patty recipe isn’t even a recipe. We simply buy a pack of 10% fat beef mince, toss in a bowl with salt and pepper, then shape into patties. Grilling them is best.

Anthony’s comment aside, there are great hamburger patty recipes around the Internet. We’ve collected the best here to make your burger great.

Delia Smith’s Best Burgers Recipe

Delia Smith's Best Burgers Recipe

The authority of cooking, Delia Smith has her recipe for All American Half Pound burgers. She recommends 20% fat.

Gousto BBQ Burgers Recipe

Gousto BBQ Burgers Recipe

Meal kit company, Gousto, provides this crispy onion and cheeseburger recipe with quick pickled cucumber. By far one of the best BBQ burgers recipes we’ve found.

Where’s the beef?

Chicken Burger

American Fried Chicken Burger

We love these Southern Fried Chicken Burgers as an alternative to beef burgers. Delicious with cool mayo and sliced tomato.

Vegetarian Mushroom Burger

mushroom burger

Vegetarians love this combination of flavours. Smokey grilled mushrooms filled with salty halloumi cheese and chimichurri sauce. Meat-eaters will be jealous.

Sides & Sauces

BBQ Sweet Potatoes

maple syrup sweet potatoes

We love these maple BBQ sweet potatoes with burgers. The sweet potato works to balance the fatty beef.

Smitten Kitchen Potato Salad

Smitten Kitchen Potato Salad

One of the best recipes for BBQ in the park. You can make ahead this potato salad, then just serve up next to a burger.

BBQ Sauce

bbq sauce

Sweet & spicy homemade BBQ sauce is a great way to top your American burger. We make 2 litres of this at a time. It seems to disappear quickly.