cinnamon syrup
Breakfast & Brunch

Cinnamon Syrup

The warmth of cinnamon all bottled up! Cinnamon Syrup makes a lovely homemade foodie gift. Use with pancakes, porridge, punches or in a chai tea latte. [READ MORE]

pecan pie uk recipe
Desserts & Bakery

Pecan Pie

Traditional American Pecan Pie. Our Pecan Pie UK recipe uses treacle and golden syrup. Treacle pecan pie is very rich so make the slices small and serve with strong coffee. [READ MORE]

pumpkin cheesecake no bake
Desserts & Bakery

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake is a brilliant alternative to pumpkin pie for dessert. This no-bake recipe frees up space in the oven too!  [READ MORE]

american autumn recipes american autumn food

American Autumn Recipes

Our American autumn recipes create the most amazing American autumn food! We are all about autumn home cooking and celebrating the abundant American autumn holidays. [READ MORE]


Spicy Corn

True to the harvest season as corn is a Native American food staple. Spicy Corn is vegetable side dish of choice for us at Thanksgiving. [READ MORE]

cranberry sauce recipe

Cranberry Sauce

Spicing up prepared cranberry sauce delivers a homemade taste with no effort. Remember to get the sauce from the fridge and actually serve it. [READ MORE]