5 Best Apple Recipes

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Best Apple Recipes

Autumn in middle America is a special time of year. In northern states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upstate New York, Vermont and New Hampshire, the spectacular colours of the falling leaves are matched only by the abundance of the best apple recipes for apple desserts.

Our annual Apple Orchard Day at the local pick-your-own farm supplied us with various varieties of apples that are the backbone of some of our favourite easy apple recipes. We would top off the day with a trip to the farm shop for (alcohol-free) homemade apple ciderdonuts and to try out any new apple dessert recipes they made for that season.

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Easy Apple Recipes

To transform any apple recipe an easy apple recipe, use an apple corer & slicer. When we set up our “forever home” in the Cotswolds, I was delighted to buy one for myself as my housewarming gift. This gadget is inexpensive but it makes easy work out of a bushel of apples. Less time in the kitchen means more time with the family enjoying your homemade apple desserts.

easy apple recipes

5 Best Apple Recipes

The best apple dessert recipes include sugar, apples and cinnamon – the cornerstones all apple dessert recipes. If an apple recipe has these ingredients, it is pretty much a guarantee it is going to taste great.

By far, the best of our collection of apple dessert recipes is Apple Crumble. Apple Crumble tastes great for dessert or breakfast. According to advice from the mothers and aunties in our family, anything made with fruit qualifies as breakfast.

apple crumble recipe

American Apple Crumble

American apple crumble recipe without oats is our most requested apple dessert recipe. Sweet, tart, cinnamon apple crumble. Autumn’s most delicious dessert!
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spiced apple pancakes with syrup and bite

Apple Pancakes

Spiced Apple Pancakes using the best of British apples. Healthy pancakes to keep you full all morning long and supply your ‘apple a day’.
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apple donut recipe

Baked Apple Donuts

Our best donut is baked apple donuts. An easy donut recipe perfect for autumn. Try apple donuts with <a href="https://americanrecipes.co.uk/recipe/apple-cider/"homemade apple cider.
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uk apple cider recipe

American Apple Cider

It is best to leave the cider overnight on low heat. The pulp from the cider can be used in our baked apple donuts. A wonderful autumnal treat.
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American Cinnamon Apple Cake

Our dairy-free, Apple Cake is perfect for an autumn dessert or afternoon tea. The sweet, sharp cake is perfect for warm autumn days and chilly nights.
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