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5 Best Apple Recipes

Our American apple recipes highlight apple dessert recipes. Autumn apples plus our easy apple recipes create delicious apple desserts for your family. [READ MORE]

apple donut recipe
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Apple Donut Recipe

The best donut recipe is baked apple donuts. Our donut recipe is super easy. Try apple donuts with a homemade (non-alcoholic) apple cider for an autumnal treat!  [READ MORE]

Desserts & Bakery

Cinnamon Apple Cake

Make dairy-free Cinnamon Apple Cake for dessert or afternoon tea. The sweet, sharp cake is perfect for warm autumn days and chilly nights. [READ MORE]

Desserts & Bakery

Apple Crumble

American apple crumble recipe without oats is our most requested apple dessert recipe. Sweet, tart, cinnamon apple crumble. Autumn’s most delicious dessert! [READ MORE]