Halloween Party Punch

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Halloween Party Punch Recipes

Sherbet is a type of ice cream in the USA. When combined with fizzy soda, it makes a delightful punch. Since we have never been able to find an equivalent to sherbet in the UK we made our own in three flavours: Lime Sherbet, Orange Sherbet and Raspberry Sherbet. All of them can be made with or without an ice cream maker.

We’ve gathered our favourite kid-friendly Halloween Party Punch Recipes here. Pick your punch and Happy Halloween!

Witches Brew Recipe

Big Bear’s Wife serves up a very easy Witches Brew recipe. Simply make 1 litre of our Lime Sherbet and mix with 2L of lemon-lime soda (e.g. 7Up, Sprite, etc.) for a quick, kid-friendly Halloween Party Punch.

Witches Brew

Halloween Orange Punch

Like Witches Brew, Halloween Orange Punch is also quick to put together.  Simply mix 1 litre of our Orange Sherbet with 1 litre of Orange Fanta and half a litre of pulp-free orange juice. Add orange slices and crushed ice to the punch and serve immediately.

halloween party punch - worthmycalories.co.uk

Ruchi’s Kitchen has candy corn in her punch glasses but just eat those separately.

Halloween Orange Punch

Blood Punch

I love how Melissa at Design Eat Repeat prepares her punch. She fills her punch bowl with ice and then scoops on the Raspberry Sherbet.

Blood Punch

We’ve used this trick in our Blood Punch. We use 1 litre of our raspberry sherbet. Top with 1 litre of cranberry-raspberry juice drink and 2 litres of lemon-lime (e.g Sprite or 7Up) soda.

halloween party punch - worthmycalories.co.uk

Swamp Juice Recipe, Slime Punch

This punch recipe goes by two different names – Slime Punch or Swamp Juice – but they are essentially the same. Our Swamp Juice Recipe is super easy. Simply mix half a litre of pineapple juice with 2 litres of lemon-lime soda. Spoon in 1 litre of our Lime Sherbet.

swamp juice recipe - worthmycalories.co.uk

Simply Southern Mom does a beautiful photograph of swamp juice punch. Definitely, decorate with gummy worms hanging over the rim of the glass – brilliant idea.

swamp juice
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