Mindful Chef Recipe Box

Health and food focussed? The Mindful Chef recipe boxes are brilliant for reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs. And they are a B-Corp. And they participate in the One Feeds Two Programme where every box you buy, they donate a school meal to a child in need.

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Mindful Chef Review


  • Mindful Chef’s ethical stance really appeals to us
  • Easy healthy recipe box with good low carb meals and proper portion sizes
  • A great mix of whole grains, vegetables and lean meat
  • Brilliant for testing healthy recipes without ending up with a cupboard full of things that you’re likely to waste


  • Having to plan ahead and order my boxes
  • Ingredient substitution is a personal problem for me because I have a lot of preferences but that is nothing wrong with this healthy food box but rather just my eccentricities


Really great if you are new to cooking or if you want to experiment with some new healthy recipes. By far, one of the best recipe boxes available in the UK.

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