Time for Bread – Book Review

time for bread book review

Time for Bread

Jess Mooney, from breadforlife.org.uk, has published her debut book Time for Bread and we have been lucky enough to do a review! We also made her Berlin jam donuts.

time for bread book Jess Mooney

Home baker inspiration

Time For Bread is an inspiration for home bakers. Jess shares personal stories and recipes. The book is beautifully illustrated and full of useful imagery, tips and tricks for novice and experienced bakers.

In short, this book makes bread accessible to everyone.


Admittedly, when I read the table of contents of this book, I jumped immediate to Chapter Eight – Sweet Dough, Pastry and Festive Bakes because there is a recipe for a BERLIN DOUGHNUT.

time for bread jam donuts

Forget Krispy Kreme, German doughnuts are the real deal and it is the overnight prove that I love most. Mix up the night before and then warm, sugary donuts for brunch. YUM YUM YUM.

jam injector

I used my own homemade raspberry jam which is a mix of raspberries, tayberries and wee bit of lime that cuts through the sweet dough.

jam donut

The section on world breads (Chapter Five) expertly brings together bread recipes and how they are commonly used. Naan, bruschetta (with toppings) and a simple but elegant pidesi will inspire you to make something out of the ordinary.

My favourite recipes in this book include

  • BAGELS (of course)
  • German Salt Pretzels
  • Fresh herb & salt flake Focaccia

Berlin Jam Donuts

I loved making Jess’s Berlin donuts. Jam filled donuts are my favourite. Her enriched, sweet dough was easy to make. Thankfully, there was Square Mile Coffee and a hungry husband to help these disappear.

coffee and donut feast

Jess’s instructions are to roll these donuts in sugar, however, my Dad’s favourite was jam filled with icing so I made a couple that way for virtual Father’s Day.

iced jam donuts

Food Photography

My food photography isn’t the best. I made a stack of three donuts for Instagram and after 20 attempts, I got it!

stack of three jam donuts

Then it toppled over!