orange ice cream

Orange Ice Cream

A sorbet is usually fruity and tart and then there is ice cream made with heavy cream. Sherbet sort of sits in the middle – fruity, creamy and light. This orange sherbet is a refreshing summer treat. [READ MORE]


Protein Shakes

Protein powder is not just for athletes. Protein shakes are quick, healthy and made for nutrition on the go. My Top 3 Protein Shakes are Juicy, Chocolatey and Frappy. Give them a go. [READ MORE]


Virgin Cosmo

What girl doesn’t love a cosmo?  I am not sure if it is the shape of the glass or the clean taste of high quality vodka that I love more.  But, alas, it is Dry [READ MORE]

cranberry sauce recipe

Cranberry Sauce

Spicing up prepared cranberry sauce delivers a homemade taste with no effort. Remember to get the sauce from the fridge and actually serve it. [READ MORE]

thanksgiving turkey

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

A mix of oranges, butter, maple syrup and streaky bacon make this a WOW main dish that is sweet, salty and juicy.  Perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  [READ MORE]