FWP Matthews Eight Grain Flatbreads

Easy BBQ Flatbreads

Easy Flatbreads are so simple. Our two ingredient flatbreads – just mix, rest & BBQ. You will spend twice as long deciding what to serve with them!  [READ MORE]

bbq sweet potatoes mashed

Maple BBQ Sweet Potatoes

BBQ Sweet Potatoes make a brilliant side dish to just about any BBQ. Mash them up with a bit of maple syrup and serve. Simple, smokey and delicious. [READ MORE]

texmex stuffed peppers

Stuffed Peppers

TexMex Black Bean Stuffed Peppers made with Fat Man Chilli sauce. These vegetarian stuffed peppers freeze well. Make extra to for an easy mid-week meals. [READ MORE]

pretzel bread

Pretzel Bread & Rolls

Hot pretzels are a summertime treat at all American amusement parks, state fairs and other community events. Usually covered with cinnamon and sugar or dipped in chocolate sauce or cheese or mustard. Another favourite is [READ MORE]

korean spinach

Korean Spinach

Healthy and easy cheat version of Korean Spinach. Not authentic but super fast and makes an easy side dish. [READ MORE]

Rice and Beans

Kidney Bean & Rice Salad

Red Bean & Rice Salad is perfect for a vegan picnic or BBQ option. This salad is herby and tart plus dairy, wheat and nut free. Best when made a day in advance. [READ MORE]


Roast Sweet Potatoes

Delicious side dish of sweet and spicy roast sweet potatoes that goes perfectly with tostadas or black bean burgers.



Guacamole, Smashed Avocado Spicy food, especially TexMex, needs a cooling element. This recipe is great because it is simple and adaptable based on how ripe your avocados are and what the use is. I like [READ MORE]


Pecan Sweet Potatoes

American sweet potato casserole with pecan topping is a great side dish for traditional Sunday Roast or as part of a British American Thanksgiving menu. [READ MORE]