Virgin Cosmo

What girl doesn’t love a cosmo?  I am not sure if it is the shape of the glass or the clean taste of high quality vodka that I love more.  But, alas, it is Dry [READ MORE]

iced coffee

Iced Coffee, Iced Latte

Iced coffee takes 15 to 20 minutes as I’ve included time to grind, bloom, brew and cool. Then mix with simple syrup and ice. Shake or stir. [READ MORE]

raspberry lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade

Sweet, tart and refreshing.  Nothing says summer like a tall glass of homemade Raspberry Lemonade. Save the pulp from the syrup for Raspberry Bars. [READ MORE] Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet Iced Tea is a staple in America. Gallons of it are drunk daily from Kentucky to Texas. Sweet Tea for a summer BBQ or picnic easily satisfies a crowd. [READ MORE]


Mojito Mocktail

Sparkling, light and tart. A Lime Spritzer is my go-to mocktail. The balance of sweet and sharp is delicious with our family of TexMex recipes. [READ MORE]