cornmeal scones afternoon tea

Cornmeal Scones

For #AfternoonTeaWeek and #TwitterBakeAlong, we did a Texas Twist on Afternoon Tea. Try these Cornmeal Scones with cinnamon honey butter and sweet iced tea. [READ MORE]


New York Style Bagels

Lovely, chewy bagels.  New York City is famous for them and now you can make them at home in the UK with this easy and adaptable recipe. This recipe makes 8 bagels and they have no preservatives so you need to gobble them up quickly. [READ MORE]


Walnut Cream Cheese

Walnut Cream Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to fresh bagels. Bring the flavours of NYC to your brunch table with this sweet, crunchy cream cheese. Only three ingredients and maximum 15 minutes of time deliver an explosion of flavour. [READ MORE]