honey oat bread

Honey Oat Bread

Our homemade Honey Oat Bread recipe is super easy. A simple, no-knead, overnight bread that is so quick you could bake it on a weekday. [READ MORE]

banana cupcakes

Banana Cake

Banana Cake can be a traybake, layer cake or banana cupcakes. Our banana cake recipe makes 24 servings. Perfect for afternoon tea, parties and charity bakes. [READ MORE]

cornmeal scones afternoon tea

Cornmeal Scones

For #AfternoonTeaWeek and #TwitterBakeAlong, we did a Texas Twist on Afternoon Tea. Try these Cornmeal Scones with cinnamon honey butter and sweet iced tea. [READ MORE]

lime ice cream

Lime Ice Cream

Lime Ice Cream is both tart and creamy. A delicious treat in the summer. Make it dairy free by using your favourite plant based milk. Super easy & delicious. [READ MORE]

raspberry ice cream

Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberry Ice Cream is fruity, creamy and light. A perfect treat for summer and this recipe is super easy. Use a plant-based milk to make this dairy free. [READ MORE]

FWP Matthews Eight Grain Flatbreads

Easy BBQ Flatbreads

Easy Flatbreads are so simple. Our two ingredient flatbreads – just mix, rest & BBQ. You will spend twice as long deciding what to serve with them!  [READ MORE]

lotus biscuit base cheesecake

No Bake Cheesecake

Our No Bake Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake is a super easy dessert that will impress with very little effort. Top with lemon slices, raspberries, blueberries or cherries. Yum! [READ MORE]

german chocolate

German Chocolate Cake

WorthMyCalories.co.uk brings you the only German Chocolate Cake recipe you will ever need. The cake just melts in your mouth and the nutty frosting is both sweet and satisfying. [READ MORE]

peach ginger beer

Peach Ginger Beer Ice Cream

Peach Ginger Ice Cream is made with a strong ginger beer and homemade peach syrup. You can make this dairy free by choosing your favourite plant based milk. [READ MORE]